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SQL Case Statement Example

Basic syntax for using case when statements in SQL. For this example we want the following: If Field1 = 2 and Field2 = 2 then use the date in Field3 else use ‘1/1/3000’. Here...


Easy to use WordPress Backup Plugin

I’ve tried quite a few different WordPress backup plugins on my client setups but this one is by far the simplest and easiest to use while providing a solid solution. BackUpWordPress Just install, configure...


SQL Syntax for Summing an Alias and Grouping by ID

Simple SQL query to sum an alias column and group by ID. Initial query user needed help with: select dt.member_id, dt.NumberOfMonthsBetween FROM ( select member_id, DATEDIFF(month,date_credentialed,renewal_date) as NumberOfMonthsBetween from member_credential ) dt where dt.NumberOfMonthsBetween...